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iAssociate 2 is having a bad day

Associate 2 HD and iAssociate 2 all of a sudden started crashing.

We're truly sorry for this. This is an issue that all the suddenly started happening on June 21st. We're looking into what's gone wrong. In the meantime, turning of Internet access will make the game playable again (go to airplane-mode). Again, we're truly sorry for this and hope to have the issue resolved soon!

Best Regards, Niklas Wahrman

EDIT: The problem is now gone! We'll further investigate what happend to prevent it from happening in the future, but for now things are back to normal.

iAssociate 2 for Android is OUT!

We’re very pleased to announce that iAssociate 2 for Android is finally out! That’s right, you can now get it from the Android Market.

iAssociate 2 for Android @ Android Market

The game comes with a total of 10 free levels, although it has ads showing in game until you buy three levels from the Token store. Also, currently the only way to acquire more levels is by getting Tokens from the Offerwall (From the “Earn FREE Tokens”-button). However for those not wanting to earn Tokens we’re looking into an alternative payment method for a future update.

Happy gaming & Let us know what you think!

iAssociate 2 Android Update

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Hi guys,

I know lots of you are waiting eagerly to get your hands on the iAssociate 2 Android version and I assure you we want to get it out as quickly as possible as well. We aimed at having it out by Christmas and it's actually very close to completion. However, we made the decision to extend it's release to January to ensure the quality of the game is great.

Sorry to disappoint you who wanted to play it over the holidays, but rest assured, you'll be playing it really soon!

iAssociate 2 Android
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Ricki Lake's favorite new game: iAssociate 2

Wow, awesome news! Ricki Lake said on a live stream that her favorite new game is our game iAssociate 2! How awesome is that?

Check it out! Jump to 14:40

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