iAssoicate 2 is now available on Facebook!

Hey guys! Got some cool news for you, we know a lot of you are waiting for an Android version and we do have one in the works. But in the meantime, we got something that will allow anyone to play iAssociate 2 on their computer right now!

We're extremely happy to announce *drumroll* iAssociate 2 for Facebook!

To play iAssociate 2 on Facebook go to: iAssociate 2 on Facebook

Feedback would be highly appreciated and don't forget to invite all your friends! ;)

iAssociate 2 v1.5.2 - New way to unlock premium levels

The latest update to iAssociate 2, v1.5.2, brings 2 new levels for all you players to enjoy. And, perhaps more importantly, we're also introducing a way for you to unlock levels, which previously only have been available as in game purchases, for free!

Beside the normal in app purchases we're introducing a new Token store, from which you can "buy" levels using Tokens. These Tokens can be earned without you having to pay anything. In the Token store there is a "Get More Tokens" page, which has some offers which will earn you different amounts of Tokens. The offers are basically requests to download a certain App from the App Store, if you do that, and launch the app once, then your account will be credited with the Tokens. And since there typically are lots of Free apps which you can download this means that by downloading Free apps you can earn Tokens for free, with which you then can unlock the levels found in the Token store.

And thanks to the feedback of you users we've decided to skip the iAds which previously were displayed inside the free levels. We have instead replaced them with an ad that occasionally will be displayed when you start the game. This ad is an offer to earn Tokens, and typically it is an offer which offers more Tokens than you normally would get. So if you see a Free app advertised there be sure to grab it, so that you'll either be able to unlock some of the levels already found in the Token store, or alternatively, so that you'll have some Tokens already saved up for our next update. (As yes, we will be bringing lots more content to this new Token store in the future!)

iAssociate 2 HD for the iPad is out!

Great news guys! iAssociate 2 HD for the iPad has just been released to the App Store! The HD version offers a much better gameplay experience thanks to the large screen that the iPad offers. We've also managed to include some exclusive content, in the form of levels that start off with image clues instead of the normal words.

iAssociate 2 HD is priced at $2.99. You can find it from here

Biggest update to date

Hey guys!

Got a great update for iAssociate 2 coming out shortly. We submitted it to Apple and it's now awaiting approval which usually takes a week. However, with this update we'll do one thing differently, we'll inform you all when it's going live, instead of releasing it as soon as Apple approves it. The reason for this is to give a fairer chance to compete for the speed medals. We'll let you know the exact date later - so make sure you sign up for the newsletter which can be found at the front page, or to our twitter account or to our Facebook fan page if you're not yet a fan.

What's new in iAssociate 2 v.1.5

This is most definitely our biggest update so far and we're really happy with the way it turned out!

  • Four new levels. What's an update without new levels? We've got four awesome ones this time around. Three of those are available for purchase right away and the fourth one will only be accessible to the best of you, those of you who've managed to collect more than 250.000 points. Among the new levels in the store is the level Reality Shows, the biggest level to see the light of day so far! It is over twice the size of Forces of Nature, and over three times bigger than Savor the Flavor!
  • Changed input mechanics. One feature that has been requested many times that is when you type a word, and accidentally make a spelling mistake, that you would not have to rewrite the whole word. This is now implemented. From now on you get the text box pre-filled with the correct letters!
  • Improved level store. Now that there's already quite a few levels available in the store we thought it would be nice if it'd be a bit easier to find those that you are looking for. So we've added subcategories there, so that you can quickly check for instance which theme levels we have, or what level packs are available.
  • Improved ingame high score list. It's now easy to find out just how your score compares to others and just how many points you would need to get a bit higher up on the high score lists. By accessing the high score list through the game you will now automatically be taken to the page that contains your own high score entry.
  • New about screen.
  • Improved icon.
  • Other minor improvements.

All in all we're really happy with this one and hope you will be too!

We'll let you know when it will be out!

Version 1.4 is out!

Just a quick notice: iAssociate v.1.4 is out!

The new update contains two new levels of which one is free. The premium level "Going Two the Movies 2" contains the latest and greatest movies, actors and actresses! "Sources of Inspiration" is the name of the new free level and it's the biggest free one we've released in the level store! However it does contains a small advertisement on the top, we're hoping ad supported levels might be a great new way for us to be able to give out more free levels.

Feedback on these are highly appreciated!





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